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Eclair dessert with vanilla cream and whipped cream

Eclair dessert with vanilla cream and whipped cream

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It took: Boil water with oil. When it boils, set it aside and immediately add the flour, stirring quickly. Let cool. Add the eggs one by one and incorporate them with the mixer. It must result in a composition that is not very thick, that does not flow from the spoon. Therefore, the amount of eggs can be variable depending on their size and type of flour.

We line a tray with baking paper and with the help of a spirit we make some sticks. Preheat the oven and bake them over high heat for the first few minutes, then over low heat. Do not open the door at all during baking because they will sag.

Cream: Boil the milk with the sugar and vanilla pods, which we split in advance with a knife and put the seeds in the milk. Rub the yolks with the starch. Put the pan on the fire and add the hot milk, spoon by spoon over the yolks, stirring constantly until the composition begins to thicken.

Set aside and mix vigorously so as not to remain lumpy. Cover the cream with cling film so that it doesn't stick to the pojghita and let it cool.

We cut the eclairs in two. We fill them with vanilla cream.

Beat the whipped cream until it starts to harden. Add the vanilla sugar and the hardener and beat until it hardens. Put a layer of whipped cream over the vanilla cream.

Glaze: Melt the chocolate together with the whipped cream and glaze the eclairs. Refrigerate until the icing hardens.

Put two tablespoons of icing in a bag, prick it at one end and make a few lines of chocolate over the icing.

Let cool for two to three hours.

Eclere step by step & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of eclere step by step is one of the most requested recipes from you, so I had to come up with a video version. I don't know why, but it seems that the eclipses are giving you headaches or that you are afraid of them. I still remember the first eclairs on the way I ate them. I was at a party, and the hosts were doing it right then. I was fascinated by the perfect shells, the cream that smelled great and the huge amount of whipped cream. I remember eating eclairs all over the party and since then it has been one of my favorite desserts.

It is not so difficult to make eclairs step by step. You just have to follow some rules. First of all, the dough must be very well worked with a spoon to remove as much moisture from it as possible. Then it is very important to add eggs one by one and mix well. Depending on how big the eggs are, we may not need to lay the last egg. The dough should not be too soft because the eclairs will not grow properly, but will widen in the tray.

It is equally important not to open the oven for the first 15-20 minutes. The shells must be very well browned before that so as not to leave them. When the shells have browned, the door can be opened and the fire is stirred and left until it dries well inside. Depending on the oven, this may take more or less. It helps if we sting them with a knife so that the steam can come out. The cream is much easier to make and is delicious. I always do more because we like it very much and we eat it straight from the bowl.

The whipped cream can be put in cream or it can be beaten and put in eclaughter over the cream. Either way, they will be delicious. Once they are ready, glaze them with chocolate and leave them in the fridge for a few hours. Then enjoy them with the whole family. I assure you that they will be the best eclairs in the world! For other flavors, you can put different ingredients in the cream for eclairs. For coffee eclairs, add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to the cream, for chocolate eclairs, add 100g of grated chocolate to the cream. The fruit goes just as well, and the raspberry eclairs are delicious.

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step. How to make eclairs recipe? How to make eclair dough? How are eclairs baked? The recipe with all the secrets.

Ecler is a cake of French origin, prepared from an elongated baked dough (pate-au-choux), filled with various pastries: vanilla, chocolate, whipped cream, etc. and glazed with chocolate or fondant.

The French origin has left its mark on its name, which is called & bdquoecler & rdquo in all languages. Translated from the French & bdquoeclair & rdquo, it means & bdquofulger & rdquo.

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

Before 1850, the eclipse was called the duchess's "bdquopainea" ("bdquopain de la duchesse"), in the shape of a finger, rolled in almonds.

Antonin Careme is the famous pastry chef from the 19th century who modernized and perfected the eclair, who also invented the profiterole cake. The famous French pastry specialist gave up almonds, filled the eclair with a pastry cream or jam and glazed it with fondant. This reinvention of the eclair brought delight among customers, and the cake spread all over France with the speed of lightning (eclair). Therefore, Antonin Careme is recognized as the inventor of the ecler, the cake that only 20 years after the pastry chef's death lost its old name of & bdquopaine of the duchess & rdquo and was baptized ecler.

After the cream has cooled, mix it a little to regain its creaminess, gradually adding the whipping cream. Put the cream for 5-10 minutes in the fridge. After this time we transfer it to a pos and fill the mini-eclipses.

For decoration: melt dark chocolate (along with a teaspoon of oil) and white chocolate.

Glaze with dark chocolate and draw dashes with white chocolate. Let it cool. We enjoy with lust & hellip

  • For shells, the baking temperature depends a lot on the oven. Mine is very strong, and because of this I set the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius. It is normally recommended to bake at 200 degrees Celsius.
  • For glazing, this is done by dipping the top of the shells in dark chocolate.
  • For a beautiful color, use homemade eggs.

The recipe and the pictures belong to Iulia Anghel and she participates in the competition & bdquoThe big autumn contest, with guaranteed prizes, without drawing lots & rdquo. You can find more recipes published by her here.

The average of the grades given by the jury is 10.

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

Traditional eclair with vanilla and fondant glaze

Finally, I manage to blog this wonderful recipe by Traditional eclair with vanilla and fondant glaze. We love this delicious, good-looking and very popular dish and we have prepared it many times, especially in the last two years. Before I learn to cook melting glaze , glaze the eclairs with a chocolate ganache or a simple icing powdered sugar and lemon juice. They are very good and so, but nothing seems to compare with a sweet, thin and crunchy icing from pastry fondant, as we find only in traditional confectioneries. Traditional eclair with vanilla and fondant glaze

The eclair I have known since childhood, the one filled with vanilla cream and covered with a cocoa fondant glaze, will always remain my favorite and first choice when I am in front of a plate with the most diverse cakes.

Lightning Dough - which I talked about herei - it is pretentious only insofar as you have to know how much egg to add, so that you get the right composition. This is solved with a little training or, even better, with a good kitchen scale and quality ingredients (dry and loose flour, a good butter, whole milk). Traditional eclair with vanilla and fondant glaze

Eclairs with vanilla cream and natural cream

There are many recipes for eclairs and choux with glazes and fillings that are more and more delicious. However, vanilla eclairs, although perhaps the simplest, are also the best known and most loved.

No one can refuse a delicate eclair filled with fine vanilla silk-like cream!

The eclaire recipe with vanilla cream and whipped cream brings together three of the most accessed recipes on the blog. At the end of the post you will find the complete recipe, but I leave below the 3 components of the recipe, treated separately, for the situation where you need more explanations for one of them.

We first need eclaughter shells or choux. We have this recipe both in written format & # 8211 you can find it here, as well as in video format.

Click on the photo below for the video posted on the YouTube channel.

The next component of the recipe is vanilla cream. For the eclairs, use the basic vanilla cream, without mixing it with butter, mascarpone or whipped cream.

You can find the basic recipe here in written format, and below you can watch it in video format on the YouTube channel.

We still need it and it is a natural cream, beaten correctly, which will keep its beautiful shape when we apply it with the posh.

With a click on the photo below you will find a complete article on how to beat whipped cream correctly. There I also explained what kind of cream we use, how we sweeten it, how long we beat it, etc.

Other eclaire and choux recipes you can find on the blog:

Fluffy eclairs with two types of filling, vanilla cream and whipped cream

Method of preparation:Preparation of shells. Put in a crcomplicatedticioarcomplicated boil the water with the oil etand salt. When scomplicated boilcomplicated is addedcomplicated in rain fcomplicatedNa eti mixcomplicated composition with a the untilcomplicated is formedcomplicated a dough. When it starts to thickencomplicated , is removed from the fire etand they leavecomplicated the rcomplicatedabout 10 minutes. aftercomplicated Add 10 minutescomplicated in egg doughcomplicatedthem in turn, untilcomplicated is incorporatedcomplicated all 10 eggscomplicated . Put baking paper in the stove tray. To takethe obtained tulle is put in a poet etit is drawncomplicated lines in traycomplicated aftercomplicated mcomplicatedthe desired rhymecomplicated. Place the baked shells in the preheated ovencomplicatedbake at 180˚ for about 10 minutes on high heat or 20 minutes on medium heat. When they turn slightly golden, take them out of the oven and add themI wouldcomplicated the rcomplicatedhow.

Preparation of the cream. In a crcomplicatedticioarcomplicated mixcomplicated eggcomplicatedthe bcomplicatedtute with sugarcomplicatedroll, they addcomplicated fcomplicatedina and mixcomplicated. Boil the milk separately in a saucepanyour mixed with vanilla is boiled over low heat. After he hit the uIn the boiling it stops, pourscomplicated egg compositioncomplicated, and mixcomplicated continuously with the target so as not to make a lumpete. Boil the cream and mixcomplicated pancomplicated the cream thickensto eti start scomplicated come offcomplicated from the cratesyour . aftercomplicated what cream was rcomplicatedhow much they mixcomplicated cand frietas a liquidcomplicated and mixcomplicatedm until it is perfectly homogeneous.

Lighting assembly: Tcomplicatedwe take the eclairs in two etWe fill them with vanilla cream with the help of a pos, then mix the whipped cream and put a new layer of whipped cream over the vanilla cream also with the help of a pos. Put the lid on the eclair and decoratecomplicated With chocolate meltedcomplicated the bain-marie.Keep cold until serving.

The oven was preheated to maximum (250 C). I turned off the ventilation. I inserted the first tray on the middle rail of the oven and quickly closed the door. I reduced the temperature to 230 C and baked the eclairs for 15 minutes, without ventilation. After the timer blew, I reduced the temperature to 170 C and started the ventilation. I baked the eclairs for another 20 minutes. I did NOT open the oven door at all in these 35 minutes! I didn't know why I could see them through the oven glass as they grow and grow and grow. If you think they are too brown you can shorten the second baking stage (depending on the oven).

Ta-daaa! Here are the & # 8222pigs & # 8221 that came out!

Incredible how well they grew and how nicely they browned! What a pleasant aroma they have !! And what beautiful and appetizing shapes they have!

I continued with the second tray (with the leftovers) and that's it. I turned off the oven. I moved the eclairs on a kitchen grill to cool and ventilate (not to condense).

Dessert eclairs with vanilla cream and whipped cream - Recipes

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Eclairs have been my favorite cakes since childhood. I adore them. I must steal one from you.

Very good! I did it too, but only with vanilla cream. Good idea to add whipped cream!

Woauuu, how good it looks, I've longed for eclairs, but I know where to come. pupp!

It looks very, very good! Congratulations!

I'll do it super tomorrow too

wow. delicious creamy, appetizing and fluffy, looks perfect and just looked at the pictures and already salivating: D

They look great, I can't wait to make them too. How many minutes do the shells have to stay in the oven?

It's a mistake in vanilla cream, milk + starch, yolks + sugar

It's not a mistake, it's like I wrote, the milk is boiled with sugar, the yolks are rubbed with starch, then we add the milk over the yolks, little by little :) It's another version of vanilla cream :)

Super good recipe is tested thank you!

how many minutes do I have to stay in the oven? I also have a classic stove oven, at what stage do I put the tray at the bottom? Congratulations for the blog.

The classic recipe that I have known from my mother and I have been making for 30 years is with 10 eggs, 500 ml of water, 250 ml of oil and 500 gr of flour. Depending on how many eggs you want to make, you can divide the quantities into 3 no case the number of eggs is variable. It is the strictest recipe I have ever made. The composition of the shells in the photo is too soft and because of this they did not grow as they should. The fire remains high from the beginning until at the end, the shells will grow nicely and will be empty inside and not as I saw them in the photo.

Don't you have to put something to grow like baking powder? I have never made eclairs and I would really like to do it for Christmas, I wrote down your recipe but out of ten eggs how many eclairs come out? Not to be too many, but not too few.

No, don't bake. If we make a simple calculation, if we use 10 eggs, it would mean three portions of this composition. If 12 eclairs come out of one portion, 36 out of 3 portions come out :)

ECLER ingredient:

from this amount I got 20 long eclairs of about 13-14 / 5-6 cm. (like the ones from the confectionery) and 18 round donuts, quite small, about 5-6 cm. in diameter.

  • 200 ml. of water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 125 grams of flour
  • 120 ml. of oil
  • 4 eggs (actually, I used 3 eggs and 2 egg whites that I already had and I thought of capitalizing on them
  • fillings of your choice, I used a vanilla cream and whipped cream
  • it can be finished with chocolate icing, I simply powdered it with powdered sugar


First of all, I don't think that for the failures or the partial failures in the preparation of the eclairs, a wrong recipe would be to blame, because this scalded dough is really unpretentious and probably many of the circulating recipes are just as good. My opinion is that the most important thing is the oven, along with the baking temperature. I made eclair dough in which I used, as fat, both oil and butter and sometimes margarine. My mother uses lard, with equally good results. Eventually I came to prefer oil, because it is the most comfortable and is always in the pantry. I also published the classic recipe, in video format, because this one pate-a-choux (lightly baked dough) to succeed 100% & # 8211 click on the recipe link.

Now, however, we are talking about the economic option, the oil one. How to do it: pour water and oil into a saucepan, add salt and put the saucepan on the fire (picture 1). When the mixture in the pot boils, add the flour, all at once (picture 2). Mix well (I prefer the pear-shaped target because it dissolves the lumps well) until all the liquid is absorbed and the mixture looks like a consistent polenta and a whitish film begins to form on the bottom of the pot, a sign that the eclair dough is well dried , lost enough water during cooking.

Set aside and leave to cool to room temperature, then add 1 egg at a time (picture 3) mixing well until incorporated. Do not add the next egg until the first is well absorbed in the dough. It is possible for the dough to ask for 4-5 eggs, depending on their size, until it has a creamy consistency (picture 4). As I already mentioned, I laid 3 whole eggs and 2 egg whites, with equally good results.The dough is ready, you have nothing to make it. Here's how it works with the oven: heat it well, very well, I heated it to 200 degrees Celsius, ventilated, if you have an oven without ventilation it wouldn't hurt to heat it to 210 degrees. Long dough is formed from the dough, with the help of the pos (there is no need to use a star tip, especially if you want to glaze the chocolate eclairs it is preferable to have a smooth surface, in which case you will opt for a simple tip with round opening ). Keep in mind that the eclairs will grow a lot when baked, so if you want eclairs with a length of 13-14 cm., Form dough sticks with a length of 8-9 cm. Also, leave enough space between them and wide.Put the tray in the already hot oven, at the top, where the temperature is highest. For no reason do not open the oven door for the first 10-15 minutes, otherwise the lightning will collapse. Here's how they swell in the oven:
Keep an eye on them, and after they have grown and browned already, so as to catch your eye, open the oven and move the tray to the lower half, then reduce the temperature to 170 degrees Celsius. Bake for another 15-20 minutes, until the eclairs are well dried inside, without a trace of sticky dough.
Exactly the same is done with the round ones:

I didn't fill these round ones, I keep them on Sunday, I have some guests announced.

Very useful, if you have a stubborn oven out of the way, can be the following tip: after 20 minutes of baking at 200-210 degrees, during which time the eclairs have grown and browned, remove the tray and prick each ecla with the tip of a knife, to allow the steam to come out of them. Reduce heat and continue to bake for 10-15 minutes and let them cool in the oven, with the door ajar (put a wooden spoon to stop the door from closing completely). So it is certain that they will not have any sticky dough inside.

I cut the long eclairs into lengths and filled them with vanilla cream and some whipped cream.
I put the lids back on:
We powdered them with powdered sugar and it & # 8230 is time to enjoy them!

The eclairs come out delicious, with fine and well-dried shells. I hope you found it useful!
Here is the recipe for vanilla cream in video format:

Light cream with whipped cream

Crispy peel, fine vanilla cream and flavored cream & # 8211 the best dessert! The whipped cream is indispensable at festive meals.

Preparation time:



Preparation instructions

Boil water, oil and salt in a bowl until it reaches boiling point.

Add the whole amount of flour and mix quickly with a spatula to ensure the incorporation of the entire amount of flour.

Stir until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl and withdraws, continuing to mix until the temperature drops.

Incorporate eggs (one by one) by continuous mixing, incorporating, at the same time, a large amount of air.

The dough is poured with the pos provided with dui (round top), in bars of 10-12 cm.

Baking is done at high temperature (180 gr), then at moderate temperature (120 gr), without opening the oven in the first 10-15 minutes.

The peel after baking must be dry. The eclipse lids are cut on one side only and filled with vanilla cream (see recipe) warm.

When vanilla cream it has cooled, we put the whipped cream in a pos with sprit (star-shaped top).

To each eclair , over vanilla cream a layer of whipped cream . Put in the cold for at least 1 hour.

powder eclairs with vanilla flour before serving.


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